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 How to avoid getting banned...

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PostSubject: How to avoid getting banned...   Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:15 am

First of all, let me point out some things that are obvious to some of us.

1) Most trainers are compressed into a RAR or ZIP format. If you can't open a trainer, make sure you have 'WinRAR' or 'WinZIP'.

2) Things that are detected in all trainers are GPS, Player Boxes, ESP, Unlimited ammo (some exceptions), and some others.

3) Things that you can be seen doing that will get you called a 'hacker' are :

a) Having no spread on and playing in the small maps. When people are watching you after they die, they can see your crosshair stuck together. This isn't seen all the time, but more experienced players will point you out as a 'hacker'.

Swimming across the damn map. This is obvious. If you saw someone flying IRL ( in real life ), they're obviously hacking. No different in this game.

c) Using a gun with recoil out the ass ( like the AUG ) and slaughtering people literally thousands of feet away. Obvious that you'll get someone to go 'Wow are you kidding?' after a while and then get called a 'hacker'. Fun if you're bored. Not fun if you don't feel like getting kicked out of the game / flamed.

d) Using the shotgun at level 1. Obviously if you can't buy the gun, you're not supposed to have it.

e) Going under the map while people are watching you. Obvious. Not even going to explain that one.

f) Sniping people from a spot you're not supposed to be thinking they can't see you. Let me say this, they will see you. You will get called a 'hacker' almost instantly.

g) Rolling 2 million miles per hour across a damn map because you can't take a few seconds to stop rolling and just run. This is some serious lols in the game when I see someone doing this. This is a big one.

h) Although hard to point out, 5th slot. If you pull out two different weapons and you're not a paying member of warrock, some people will notice. This is highly unlikely. (fifth slot is currently detected)

i) OPK ( One Position Kill ) - Hard to get in a trainer but the most obvious thing. Yes, even beats swimming in the air. When you throw one grenade and kill 16 people across the entire map, don't be expecting everyone to go 'wow NN!' (nice nade).

j) Invisible is hard to get, but you can also be kicked out easily for using it.

4) A bypass is a program that you turn on before you go to login to warrock. It disables PB (punkbuster) and allows you to turn on whatever you want. You can still get kicked out of games through the voting system. Bypasses are harder find and several out there do not work.

The explinations above are things that have happened to me personally, therefor, they are possible. If you don't want to get called a 'hacker', do what you can to not kill 30 people across the map with one grenade.

Ok, gone over the basics. Now go have legit fun.

Made by ME

I made this tutorial in another website, so i just copy - paste to this forum... but all made by me...
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PostSubject: Don't getting banned   Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:43 pm

Don'T hack / glitch or try to find bug.. = don't getting ban Smile
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PostSubject: Re: How to avoid getting banned...   Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:24 am

Nice I will use This
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PostSubject: Re: How to avoid getting banned...   

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How to avoid getting banned...
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